Introducing Reves Studio’s latest capsule collection, REVES X LINGULING.


Finding the right balance between professionalism and au courant may be challenging, but we are proud that our collection did exactly that. The collection itself is a modern take in traditional tailoring. With the presence and dynamic contrast of both neutral and vibrant colors, the pieces in this collection will definitely make its way to your statement piece collection.


In celebration of the birth of this collection, we want you to get a closer look on the woman who made all this possible.


Rosalindynata Gunawan, commonly known as “Linguling”- a name her close friends call her by, embodies perfectly what Reves admire most about woman. Professionalism, enthusiasm, friendliness and elegance sparks right out of Linguling the first time we met her. Most of us may know her through Instagram, yet it doesn’t show nearly enough of Linguling’s true beauty.

It all started through a sweet encounter of Ling sharing a common fascination of our 2017 resort collection, Tangled. From there, our affinity grew more and more until we decided a collaboration needed to happen.  Reves is all about representing women and their professions, at the same time, enclosing their self-esteem and confidence. Through our encounters over time, Ling seems like a perfect fit of what we value and portray through our brand.


“Tailored, Chic, Effortless”

Born on 19th September 1988, Linguling always had an eye for fine arts. She looked at fashion as more a fun hobby never knowing she would fell in love with it as soon as understanding the history, sociology and history behind it. Graduating as a fashion design student from RMIT Australia, her career in fashion starts to flourish. She started a brand called Bubble Girl, a take on contemporary and modern clothing for young girls to experience since adolescence. When asked about what she loves most about her job right now, she says, “Getting to design and create my own pieces is what I love most about my job.”.


“Be brave, do not be afraid to explore, try everything.”

Ling is quite the traveler. Is there anything quite as blissful as an amble by the seashore? None according to Ling, and we totally agree. Just from conversing with her, we can tell that she has a deep adornment for the beauty the world offers. Switzerland, rich in literal natural artistry and picturesque mountain views, best fulfills her love for everything beautiful. When asked about her bucket list, she mentions going to Bhutan and also seeing the northern lights.



“Running is the best way to de-stress.”

There’s no doubt Ling’s lean figure is definitely body goals. Though, benevolent things don’t come so easily, not without sweating and working those muscles. Barre, Pilates, Yoga, you name it. With the amount of unique exercise activities emerging, Ling is always open to try them out.

Exercising doesn’t have be painted in such a negative light. According to Ling, she runs to destress. For 5 years, running is something Ling does for her own pleasure.



“Just Live Today.”

Linguling is currently looking forward to her honeymoon trip to Europe. We wish her all the best in life and may the years ahead be filled with lasting joy.

For readers who are living their lives vicariously through Ling’s, don’t worry. We recommend watching Criminal Minds on Netflix and also running to de-stress, just like how she does it! A little piece of advice from Ling herself, “Don’t worry about tomorrow, just live today.”






Vogue’s TrailBlazing Cover

It is hard to deny that accusations of racism is present in the fashion world when diversity is a rare sight in magazine covers and runways. One definition of fashion design is “the art of the application of design and aesthetic or natural beauty to clothing and accessories”, sadly not a lot of woman can identify with the definition of this supposed natural beauty. For decades, inclusion in the industry seems to only welcome woman of certain shape, size and color, and there has been comments that the industry is “white washed”.

Fortunately, Edward Enninful, Vogue’s editor in chief is ready to start a movement of change represented in the newest trailblazing Vogue cover.


Featuring 9 women of all colors shape and background, this inspirational cover stands as a representation of what Vogue stands to believe in 2018. Along with Radhika Nair, Yoon Young Bae, Faretta, Fran Summers, Vittoria Ceretti, Paloma Elsesser and Selena Forrest,

This opens up a gateway for many brilliant voices to be heard, taking down barriers of the traditional definition of glamour and style. Quoting from Edward Enninful, “Yet as a new mood begins to take hold – one that will only enrich and enliven creativity in fashion – I also believe that the time has come for us to look forward. In short, it is a moment for Vogue to do what it has always done best: to offer a bold vision of what the future can – and should – look like.”


Halima Aden, born in a refugee camp in Somalia is one of the beautiful faces featured in the cover. Her story inspires millions as she is a an authentic representation of how the fashion industry is evolving. When asked about the modification of diversity, Halima Aden told Huffington post UK that “Everybody comes from different cultures and races. There’s something beautiful when it’s a blended runway.”.

The shoot was a great success, seeing all the different race and backgrounds intertwining in one cover for the same purpose – climbing over the pre-altered definition of beauty. Despite the differences they bear, the similar value and integrity they share is what the world desperately needs right now.



Girlboss Media: What’s Next for the Nasty Gal Founder

Sophia Amoruso Girlboss

Sophia Amoruso is certainly a type of person who moves on quickly. Back in November it was announced that Nasty Gal, the e-commerce site she founded, filed for bankruptcy. The television show based on her autobiography also has resulted in unfortunate ratings and has been cancelled by Netflix after one season. As we mentioned in our previous discussion, Sophia Amoruso is a genius in constructing brand and her new venture, Girlboss Media, is becoming another exceptional brand.

Claimed to have started the brand on accident, Girlboss Media is a media company that comprises of a website (, a newsletter and a podcast. It also will held “rallies”, a biannual conference event type where attendees can congregate to hear speakers with varying of topics from business and finance to beauty and health. The first Girlboss Rally was held in Los Angeles with 500 attendees for the one day conference.

Amoruso is taking claim that the new project is “a platform focused on redefining success for a new generation of women.” In which her claim is manifested by her team that are building Girlboss Media. Alison Wyatt, former Goop chief revenue officer is now its president and chief revenue officer. Taking the role of chief operating officer and editorial in chief is Neha Gandhi, who was the senior vice president of innovation and content strategy at Refinery29. Now vice president of brand strategy and partnerships is Athena Chen previously worked at Clique Media Group.

Girlboss is standing out among other female-focused outlets by first covering topics in relations to what they know best: beauty and fashion. In growing their platform, with 1.2 million USD in funding, they are also have the objective to relate to their audience by creating content across platforms that are inclusive to every type of women.

Rest assured, Girlboss Media are making their way in shaping the narrative of what it means to be #girlboss for women everywhere.


Top 5 Mobile Applications #REVESSQUAD Must Have on Her Phone

The life as a #REVESSQUAD can be pretty hectic and we are so thankful for our smartphone that act as our personal assistant to get through the day. It can be difficult to handle our daily activities from scheduling meetings, finishing deadlines while keeping a healthy lifestyle. By a click of a button download we can get various applications with their advance functionalities to help in mastering the multi-tasking way.

So why not try to install these five applications for more assistance?


  Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks- screenshot

This is the app if you want to organize your activities for the day and get stuff done. You can key in your agenda for the day, reminders and share lists. The app makes it easy for you to collaborate with your family or coworkers for team projects or planning for your next holiday.

All Recipes

  Allrecipes Dinner Spinner- screenshot

There is joy in cooking your own food and this app is an instant access to various recipes that you can try. You can get recipes that suit your dietary restrictions with their step-by-step cooking videos.  Don’t forget to use the shopping list feature so you won’t forget to pick up the ingredients.

Eve by Glow

  Glow Period & Ovulation Tracker, Fertility App- screenshot

At its core, the app is a fertility calendar app to track your period. It has daily health log and health insights so you can get accurate prediction and understand your cycle thoroughly. There is also a community within the app where you can discuss about your health that are truthful and relevant as they have medical advisers.

Safe Travel

  SafeTravel- screenshot

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released this helpful app early this year for those who are traveling or working overseas. This app aims to assist Indonesian citizens in getting practical information when they are abroad such as: time difference, local customs to services that are available at Embassy of Indonesia.

However, the app is currently only available on Google Playstore.

Runtastic Results

  Runtastic Results Home Workouts & Personal Trainer- screenshot

Getting toned muscle is only few taps away. Runtastic Results is an app to generate a personalized 12-week strength-training workout program. It is a great app for beginners and you don’t need any equipment to start.


Dissecting the Chanel Couture Show

We just can’t get enough of Chanel’s latest show at Grand Palais. (well, every Chanel show to be honest). As part of the Paris Couture Week, pictures from the show has not stop flooding on Instagram and we just keep double-clicking every picture. So let’s take a look what we love abut the show.

 The Venue

Last March, the Grand Palais was transformed into No. 5 Launch Pad complete with a 35m rocket in the center stage for Chanel. On July 4, the historic site is altered once again and this time with a scale model of the Eiffel Tower in its center. A beautiful day to be underneath an iconic structure to see the beautiful craftsmanship firsthand.


Our shopping list is getting longer

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From the boater hats (specifically in matching tweed) to the patented leather boots and everything in between, we are carefully selecting which to prioritize first.



The eyes are dancing

There are some elements of the collection that are inspired by Sonia Delaunay’s painting, but the eye shadow caught our attention. It is a stunning contrast to the regal collection. We cannot wait to try putting the Parisian avant-garde artwork on our eyelids.


Platinum Front Row

Chanel muse Kristen Stewart arrived at in a strapless sequined catsuit, but it was her platinum pixie cut that caught everyone’s attention. Also spotted sporting the platinum ‘do: Cara Delevigne and Katy Perry.



An all-around experience

Chanel is a brand that keeps on giving and they certainly did not stop after the show ended. It is now official that the brand is finally releasing a new perfume after 15 years. A tribute to the founder, Gabrielle is set to drop next season.



Quick Glance to the Best Looks from the Paris Runway

The landscape of the fashion industry is definitely shifting. With all the talks for that has been happening, we definitely see that the industry is indeed changing this week in Paris Haute Couture Week. A week that was first designed to showcase a designer’s highest craftsmanship is now taken advantaged of by brands that are not waiting for October to exhibit their Spring/Summer 2018 Collection. You be the judge whether the early reveal is worth the risk.

Armani Prive_Armani Privé

Before the show, Giorgio Armani revealed that he was dedicating it to the late Editor in Chief of Italian Vogue, Franca Sozzani. A somber yet earnest collection that is uncompromisingly Armani. The magnificent of this collection is in the details: in the soft colours on tailored suits and crystal beading and veiling on dresses.

Atelier VersaceAtelier Versace

We cannot wait to see more of the collection that definitely will presence on the red carpet during the awards season. This collection is a master class of combining  handwork technique with 3D-printing to produce the intricate embellishments from the cobweb-like formations to the delicate scrolling neckline.

Christian DiorChristian Dior

By having lady explorer in mind, Dior presented its Fall Couture collection in a set inspired by Monsieur Dior’s travel around the world. The classic Dior grey dominated the collection that addresses to all types of women around the world.

Monique LhuillerMonique Lhuillier

Swapping New York for Paris, Monique Lhuillier showcased a lighter Spring 2018 collection. A finesse hyper-feminine looks in romantic shapes, floral satin and diamanté belts that cannot be missed.

Proenza Schouler_Proenza Schouler

Monochromatic galore from Proenza Schouler after they said goodbye to NYFW and opted to show their collection in Paris instead. A risky move filled with ruffles and asymmetrical drape on cocktail hour looks.


A sweet and menacing collection that paid off their gamble by show a ready-to-wear collection during the haute couture week. Featuring delicate aspects of fluttering camisole and asymmetric ruffles paired with contrast materials resulting in an audacious collection.


A collection full of looks to worship, this collection is a grandiose scale of modesty inspired by portraits of Zurbarán that shows the beautiful handwork and artistry of  Pierpaolo Piccioli.

Zuhair MuradZuhair Murad

Always about the delivering an opulence creation, this time the collection starts from black and white grouping of velvet, beadwork and embroidery. The presentation then shifted to what we all love: dresses with softer-muted palettes and gowns with nude effects and nature motifs elevated by luminous crystal.



Rêves Studio’s First Anniversary Celebration

On April 27th, we invited Jakarta’s social media influencers and our media friends to celebrate our first anniversary at Myris Living, Senopati. We also took this opportunity to show our Fall/Winter 2017 Collection for the very first time. By opting the see now, buy now concept, our guests were able not only to see the collection in person but also to bring them home after the show.

IMG_5497 (1800x1200)IMG_5495 (1800x1200)

IMG_5377 (1800x1200)

The Fall/Winter 2017 collection is inspired by the by modern working women of the big cities. It features many details of piping trim and glen plaid that are crafted into strong structural silhouette with colour palette of white, grey, black and nude. This collection is another confirmation of our support to women empowerment by providing the ideal clothing that represents professional women with their self-esteem and confidence.

IMG_5398 (1800x1200)IMG_5331 (1800x1200)IMG_5408 (1800x1200)

The collection was showcased in the architecturally significant venue with the perfectly intimate ambiance, and accompanied by music from Kimokal. The first look revealed was the Two-Toned Vest dress with the Tailored Blazer Gown ended the presentation. During the finale, guests were encouraged to look at the details of the collection then continue their experience by securing their favourite pieces of the collection.

IMG_5411 (1800x1200)IMG_5431 (1800x1200)

IMG_5174 (1800x1200)IMG_5178 (1800x1200)IMG_5441 (1800x1200)IMG_5448 (1800x1200)^4A2E93F627F103E63160E2516FC8C00322BDB016086590FF51^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr^19D296A4B3F434F5A5A9FF8D07AAE8493EA5687A1C03587936^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr^213C287B42EBBE073948F635A1BC1F44610EA3320BFE5A6ED9^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr^750CADFEA25E899D2A2857F6BECB834EA32A9E46A978BC36DA^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr

Check out the complete looks from the Fall/Winter 2017 collection in detail here.

We would like to extend our greatest gratitude to our sponsor who have made the event possible.

Myris Living

Food and Beverages:
Urban Remedy
Eighteen Pies
Kreate Bar

MGS World

Make Up and Hair Do:
LT Pro

Organized by:
Aptawita Media Group


Awe-Inspiring Set Designs from Paris Fashion Week

If the clothes are paintings, the runway set is the canvas that completes the storytelling the designer wants to express. Sometimes a plain white runway and pumping music is not enough to set the scene to send the right message across the audience. During the Paris Fashion Week we have witnessed several set designs in iconic Paris venues that brings us in for a journey including one trip to space.


Another day, another out-of-this-world set by Chanel. By putting a 35m high rocket in the center of the set, the iconic Grand Palais was transformed into No. 5 Launch Pad. The rocket to the perfect backdrop to the intergalactic inspired collection actually blasted off for the finale accompanied by Elton John’s Rocket Man.

Miu Miu 

Fur here, fur there, fur everywhere. A beautiful lavender faux fur smothered the grand staircase and pillars on the usually beige Palais d’Iéna that heighten the colour of the collection.

Louis Vuitton 

The statues in Louvre’s central Cour Marly were the special guests for the Louis Vuitton show during the Paris Fashion Week. The marbled statues and leveled runway added extra grandeur on the already magnificent collection.

Fenty x Puma 

You now what’s happening in Fall? School. Fenty x Pum by Rihanna aptly presented their “Fenty University” collection at the The National Library of France. The audience were sitting by the library’s long table top that were turned into the runway.

Stella McCartney 

It is simply impossible not to dance where the Paris Opera Ballet perform and in a tribute to the late George Michael, and the models did just that. Guests were sitting in a circle instead of the common straight row by making use of the circular show space at Palais Garnier.

Off White 

Dry brown leaves on the floor and deciduous plants converted Palais de Tokyo into the mystical autumnal set for the Off White show. The smoke effect added an ethereal ambiance to the show.


International Women’s Day 2017: Inspiring Women from Around the World

In celebration of International Women’s Day, we are introducing women from around the globe that are making better changes in the community. These women see the opportunity and took the chance in modifying their space into a more hospitable environment. They are the evidence that women are problem server and their place are indeed everywhere.

Alexandra Van Houtte 

The fashion industry has not always been the most up-to-date when it comes to technology. In fact, it took a former Vogue assistant for the industry to have its own search engine.  Tag Walk ( was launched in January 2016 out of Alexandra Van Houtte’s frustration in the lack of online database for Fashion unlike other industries. Now you can easily search for the latest looks from the runway with the tip of your fingers.

Yasmin Green 

Yasmin Green is the head of research and development at Jigsaw, a Google-owned tech incubator that has been developing a new program that targets aspiring ISIS recruits with hope to discourages them in joining the group. The program uses Google’s search advertising algorithm and YouTube’s video platform to redirect users in credible information. She’s basically leading the cyber fight in combating ISIS.

Tsamara Amany

Who says millennials aren’t interested in politics? Tsamara Amany is encouraging youths in Indonesia to be more involved in politics. She is the co-founder of with aim to instill politics among women as well as fighting for women’s representation in the Indonesian political system.

Anna Wintour 

The British-American journalist and editor is the editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine since 1988. She is one of the most important figure in the fashion industry with her iconic look of pageboy haircut and dark sunglasses. Everyone has set their eyes on her for the latest trends in addition to her support to young designers.

Natalie Massenet

Fashion entrepreneur and former journalist, Natalie Massenet is the founder of the designer fashion portal Net-a-Porter.  She shaped the current fashion industry as we know which started as an attempt to source products online for a fashion shoot. The website that was launched in a flat is now estimated as a £350m company.

Here’s to the strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.Happy International Women’s Day.

Our Favourite Looks from the Paris Fashion Week

We’ve finally come to the last stop of the most exhaustive event in the fashion calendar. Paris may be the last city where they paraded the latest and highest of craftsmanship, The City of Light knows how to bid adieu. Here we are rounding up our favourite looks from Paris Fashion Week. Enjoy and see you on the next fashion week!

A wonderful runway debut for the newcomer with a collection full of intricate designs crafted on tricky fabrics.


For those who are considering in dressing up in period drama theme, look no more. The retro-chic is still very on trend for 2017.


Untitled-1-02Elie Saab
These beautiful designs are for the ones who dream. Crazy as they seem but never foolish.


We are loving the stripes outwear that is rich of details from afar. Even more so in close-up with the complex-looking fabrics without making the outcome look stiff.


Untitled-1-04Nina Ricci
The brown coat is too die for. From the colour itself is perfect for gloomy days without being too stand out, but the look is brought together with the structural tailoring.


Untitled-1-06Off White
Fall/Winter is identical with coats that are covering our body contour but not for the latest collection from Off White. 

This collection full of inspiration in playing with patterns. From toning down wild patterns with pastel coats to engaging in fabrics and colours combinations to create exquisite dresses.