Quick Guide to the New iPhone

Smartphone has becoming a staple for us aspiring girlboss as mobile assistant in our hectic days. By proxy we need to obtain the best smartphone option that suit our needs. On Sept 1, Apple launched their latest series of iPhones. To make it easier for you to get to know them, we have round up the essential fact and figures.

iPhone 8 and Iphone 8+

This is the device that you have come to love and getting used to, just with some upgrades. It is basically the fourth generation of the iPhone 6 with a glass back. If you already have the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus, you do not really need to buy a new case. The glass back allows you to charge the phone wirelessly on Qi based appliances.

The big new feature, which is very important for the prolific selfie taker, is the Portrait Lighting on the iPhone 8 Plus to simulate pro lighting setups through three different presets: Studio, Contour and Stage. The phone is also completed with the A11 Bionic processor which is faster that you will notice more when you are playing with augmented reality.

iPhone 8 and 8+ is available in Silver, Space Gray and Gold. The capacity available is 64GB and 256GB.


iPhone X

Although only available for pre-order only right now, the iPhone X is the one buzzing around. The bezel-less phone is deemed to be what future phones would be like and has all the cool features comparing to the iPhone 8 and 8+. It has no home button and FaceID to support the 5.8inch bezel-less design, so you have to get use of the new gestures to operate the phone.

The FaceID is possible through the TrueDepth camera that will map your face by using 30.000 invisible dots creating precise depth of your face. Then you can use your face for secure authentication and also much cooler Snapchat filter. The TrueDepth camera also serves to support another new feature, the Animoji. The camera analyzes 50 different muscle movements to mimic your expressions

Another difference with iPhone 8 and 8+ is the Dual 12MP rear cameras. The improved cameras equipped with new filters and deeper pixels that stabilize images even in low light. The beta version Portrait Lighting is also available for you to play with.

The iPhone X is available in Silver and Space Gray. The capacity available is 64GB and 256GB.

The iOS 11

For those who are still content with their current iPhone, Apple is rolling out the latest software update. There is major makeover in the iOS 11 that can be seen from chunkier fonts and apps redesigns. It is hugely noticeable in the more coordinated Apple Store and Files App. You will can improve the productivity of the phone as the Ios 11 Control Centre now offers more customizing options.

Rêves Studio Verdict

Unless you have iPhone 7 or 7+, there isn’t any reason for you to upgrade to iPhone 8 or 8+. If you fancy wireless charging capability, you can get a slim case that allows wireless charging. There are many apps currently available that can mimic the features of Portrait Lighting. The updated software makes your current phone on par with the iPhone 8 and will prolong the life of your phone until you are interested to change your phone with more advance features. The iPhone 8 and 8+ are merely the default phone if you are an Apple fan.

However, if you have older iPhones or you want to try out new features go ahead order the iPhone X. The new fancy apps will be more suitable for iPhone X considering the better camera and larger display. If you are still not sure with the new iPhone, just upgrade your software to iOS 11.



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