Top 5 Mobile Applications #REVESSQUAD Must Have on Her Phone

The life as a #REVESSQUAD can be pretty hectic and we are so thankful for our smartphone that act as our personal assistant to get through the day. It can be difficult to handle our daily activities from scheduling meetings, finishing deadlines while keeping a healthy lifestyle. By a click of a button download we can get various applications with their advance functionalities to help in mastering the multi-tasking way.

So why not try to install these five applications for more assistance?


  Wunderlist: To-Do List & Tasks- screenshot

This is the app if you want to organize your activities for the day and get stuff done. You can key in your agenda for the day, reminders and share lists. The app makes it easy for you to collaborate with your family or coworkers for team projects or planning for your next holiday.

All Recipes

  Allrecipes Dinner Spinner- screenshot

There is joy in cooking your own food and this app is an instant access to various recipes that you can try. You can get recipes that suit your dietary restrictions with their step-by-step cooking videos.  Don’t forget to use the shopping list feature so you won’t forget to pick up the ingredients.

Eve by Glow

  Glow Period & Ovulation Tracker, Fertility App- screenshot

At its core, the app is a fertility calendar app to track your period. It has daily health log and health insights so you can get accurate prediction and understand your cycle thoroughly. There is also a community within the app where you can discuss about your health that are truthful and relevant as they have medical advisers.

Safe Travel

  SafeTravel- screenshot

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs released this helpful app early this year for those who are traveling or working overseas. This app aims to assist Indonesian citizens in getting practical information when they are abroad such as: time difference, local customs to services that are available at Embassy of Indonesia.

However, the app is currently only available on Google Playstore.

Runtastic Results

  Runtastic Results Home Workouts & Personal Trainer- screenshot

Getting toned muscle is only few taps away. Runtastic Results is an app to generate a personalized 12-week strength-training workout program. It is a great app for beginners and you don’t need any equipment to start.



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