Our favourite looks from Paris Fashion Week

We know it has been awhile since Paris Fashion Week took place, but it is not too late to review our favourite Spring/Summer 2017 looks from The City of Light. For one, we are glad to be safe and sound from any gun-pointing incident.


pfwaaltoSomehow our generation have the general consensus that we are suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome which makes it harder for us to let go our childhood completely. Aalto undoubtedly made advantage of that by incorporating Moomin into the prints.

Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood

pfwviviennewestwoodThe collection from Vivienne Westwood’s husband, has strong women written all over it with looks designed for women that you should not mess up with.

Balmainpfwbalmain “Fit for Khaleesi”, is how we would describe our favourite looks, especially the rosewood dress styled with black choker definitely reminds us the costume of Emilia Clarke’s powerful character on Game of Thrones.


Sheer power. Chloe mixed this season’s trend with square necks and shoulder and graphic prints. Classic.



“Standing on Stardust” may be how Elie Saab would call his Spring/Summer 2017 Collection, but this collection certainly would make us feel like we are actually wearing the stardust sparkles.

Louis Vuitton 

Mastering the sheer trend this season, Louis Vuitton presents the best out of it. Sheer fabric? check. Cut out? check. Graphic prints? check.

Miu Miu 

pfwmiumiuTaking a spin at the classic retro mixing up with beach looks of the past, Miu miu is offering unique looks for those who still want to wear knitted garments in the summer.


whatsapp-image-2016-10-18-at-16-50-56This collection from Valentino has the most romantic feel compares to the previously reviewed collections. Romantic does not always mean is safe and boring, in fact, our favourite looks are daring to wear as you can see from the maxi dresses made out of see-through fabrics with embellishments that clearly show the silhouettes of the models. The nude dress actually reminds us of the ball gown Kristen Bell wore for the Emmys.





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